Positions available


Clean for Yoga

(THIS POSITION IS CURRENTLY FILLED) Please take a 30 day trial prior to applying for this position. Yoga Fever offers a bright and beautiful environment for students of all levels. In order to keep our space in top notch condition, we must pay attention to the details. That means cleaning regularly. We offer Unlimited Hot Yoga Classes in exchange for 2 shifts of cleaning a week at 2.5 - 3 hour intervals. The time and energy you donate to keeping our environment clean and healthy, you are rewarded with free yoga classes. This in NOT a volunteer position. It is a working service exchange agreement. You are paid with a yoga pass that translates to real dollars at the studio. Please only apply if you commit the same way you would to a paying, part time job.


Front Desk & Admin

(THIS POSITION IS CURRENTLY FILLED)This is a part-time, paid position with 20 - 25 hours a week. Please take a 30 day trial prior to applying for this position. Yoga Fever wants to be sure that our yoga meets your needs and your personality fits our studio. We are seeking highly motivated, organized, and personable people for our front desk. This is a part-time, paid position with 20 hours a week. We expect superior levels of customer care, sales goals, light cleaning, and more.  We are looking for long term employees that are passionate about people, process and yoga. Could it be you? Apply NOW!


Showcase Art

Please take a 30 day trial prior to applying to showcase your artwork. Yoga Fever cares about our community. A big part of the Grand Rapids community is made up of local artists. Our gallery hall is a perfect way to help get your name out there and showcase your work. We highlight artists for 30 - 60 days to help gain awareness and sell their pieces. We can hang up to 10 pieces currently. Preferably framed pieces are best, but we can work with any style hanging piece such as photography, prints, acrylics etc. Please inquire within to get on our waiting list. Be prepared to come in and show a few of  your pieces. Once you are approved, we can go through how we display, payment, etc.