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Embodying Feminine Power: Inner Tantric Yoga for Women

Woman Circle at Yoga Fever
  • Date: Saturday Feb 23, 2019

  • Time: 1:30 - 3:30p

  • Cost: $25

  • TeamFever: Jessica Roodvoets

  • Event is not heated

Tantra is a path of divine embodiment that reveres the Feminine Principle in all her forms. This feminine principle is called Shakti — or the life-force power that animates all things. Shakti is all life-power, all nature, all form, showing up as every expression, every shape, texture, color, and possibility. Tantra Yoga is the invitation to honor your own feminine power and embrace every expression of yourself.

In this practice, every breath, every sensation, every emotion we feel — whether its kind, soft, and receptive, or bold, erotic, and fierce — becomes a doorway that brings us into contact with the reality of the Goddess directly within ourselves. In this workshop, through the subtle yogic practices of mantra, mudra, movement, and ritual, we’ll explore how to awaken, honor, and embody the full spectrum of the feminine within.

Bring a journal, a pen, and any special altar item that you’d like to journal with.

Jessica is a yoga and tantra teacher who specializes in feminine spirituality, sexuality, and embodiment. Based part-time in India, her teachings are inspired by her travels and continued studies in Tantra, sacred dance, and feminine lineages of yoga. Inspired by her studies of mystical femininity, Jessica's teachings are deep, poetic, provocative, and soulful.

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4:00 PM16:00

Yin Yoga Training


Calling All Teachers of Yoga!!

Yin Yoga Training

Date: Sat Oct 6 4p-8p

Receive 4 CE YA hours

Cost: $125

Please join Gretchen Brockman and Yoga Fever for a 4 hour immersion into Yin Yoga Training. This workshop is designed for yoga instructors and will give you the confidence and skill necessary to teach effective and authentic yin to your students.

What is Yin?

Yin and Yang occur together. There is no one without the other. Yin yoga is still, promotes growth by clearing energetic blockage and enhancing circulation. Soft, receptive. Mistakenly considered "easy", can be restorative and calming, but intense. No ONE specific way to do the poses.

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