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Arm Balances & Inversions

arm balances and inversions workshop
  • When : Sun May 19th @12-2p

  • Where: Yoga Fever

  • Cost: $35

  • What You'll Need: Yoga Mat & Positive Attitude

  • What You'll Get: Community, Confidence & Support

  • TeamFever: Mary O & Brittany S

  • *workshop is not heated

What if we replaced our fear with fun? In this workshop Mary and Brittany will breakdown 8+ arm balances and inversions for you to play with. You'll be guided through foundations of each pose, given drills to strengthen the primary muscles at work, as well as the opportunity to safely explore your practice in a new fun way!

Our goal of this workshop is to give you the tools to begin to play with these poses, including the confidence to start incorporating them into your regular practice. No fear or experience required!

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