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30 Day October Challenge


Our 30 Day Challenge is back this October! We will even give you an unlimited month for $69 to complete the challenge. No coupon codes, just purchase one "Full Month Unlimited" anytime from now until October 1stt!!

Challenge starts October 1 and ends October 31 --------> take 27 classes at Yoga Fever and you qualify to win one of 3 major prizes:

1) 1 full year of unlimited yoga
2) 6 months of unlimited yoga
3) 3 months of unlimited yoga

We will have boards up in the lounge for you to track your classes. We will also have a running tally within our software system to cross check. We offer up 4 rest days to give you one day a week off from practice to recharge. 


When can I purchase the discounted month for $69? From NOW until October 1.

Can I take more than one class a day? YES. You can take up to 2 classes a day.

Can I enter late? YES. You can enter late but it is best to start on day 1 to give yourself plenty of time to succeed.

Do I have to use the discounted month I purchase to do the challenge? NO. But we sure hope you give it a try. The discounted month must be activated within 45 days of purchase.

Can I buy more than one discounted month? NO.

If I have a membership already can I still participate? YES.

How are the winners selected? We add all who completed the challenge into a random drawing. 3 winners will be chosen.

Can I complete the challenge and gift the prize to someone that I love or care for? YES. Please gift your prize. We love to see you give back.

What are my chances? Chances are pretty good. Out of over 100 that participated last year only about half completed the entire challenge.

Why didn't more folks finish? This is called a challenge for a reason. It takes discipline and hard work. Remember, we have Gentle classes, warm classes, and lunch classes that are just 45 minutes long. It ALL counts. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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