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Chatarunga Clinic

  • Chatarunga Clinic
  • Date & Time: March 18 @1p - 2:15p
  • Cost: $20
  • Team Fever: Kelly Smith
  • This class is not heated

Have you heard your yoga teacher say "chatarunga" and wonder if you are doing it correctly? We feel you. Often times this transition from right to left side, or transition in the sequence can be challenging to know if it is being done correctly. It is more important than ever to nail this pose especially when it is a pose of repetition and can lead to injury if it is performed incorrectly over and over again.

This 75 minute workshop will help you break down the foundational pose chaturanga dandasna (4 limbed staff pose) as well as the transition to upward facing dog and identify common mistakes, misalignments, and challenges. You will also learn how to modify it to fit your practice and strength level.

During this workshop we will learn the proper alignment and anatomical position for the pose and how to move through it safely and smoothly move into upward facing dog or cobra. We will also explore preparatory poses, and how to take your chaturanga to the next level by hopping or "floating" back into it. This class is for all levels and experience and is highly recommended for all vinyasa yogis.

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