7 Days of Self Commitment – Instagram Challenge

I’m excited to announce a fantastic new challenge for all you wonderful yogis: an Instagram challenge! The “7 Days of Self Commitment” challenge encourages each of you to take great strides toward self-care and physical and mental growth.

Why We’re Passionate about Self Commitment

There’s something so satisfactory about serving others, but many of us experience the downside of that – we end up feeling exhausted and burned out, sometimes resentful of the commitments we’ve made. If this sounds familiar, I’m guessing there’s one important person left out of your giving: YOU!

When life gets busy, self-care is often the first thing we sacrifice. Many of us believe that taking time for ourselves in the middle of chaos feels indulgent, but caring for our well-being is actually essential. Enough is enough, friends! It is time to commit to caring for ourselves as intensely and passionately as we care for our friends, family, jobs, and hobbies.

Self-care looks different for everyone. It could mean dancing with friends or retreating to solitude at the lake; eating healthy or eating a special treat; practicing yoga or going for a run. It’s important to look carefully at the ideas other people recommend to determine if they’re the right suggestions for you.

Regardless of what collection works for you, the gap I often see between self-care and self-depletion is commitment. We must fiercely commit to self-care as an essential practice to living a wholehearted life.

Through our 7 Days of Self Commitment challenge, we will all collectively support and encourage each other toward a committed, consistent self-care experience. We’ll show up daily for ourselves, refusing to let neglect interrupt our commitment to the most important person in our lives. We’ll honor our strengths and acknowledge our weaknesses. We’ll push ourselves to try new poses while also allowing our bodies to seek the poses they need each day.

Dates: May 7th – May 14th
Sponsored by Athleta & Yoga Fever

Daily Challenges:

Day 1 – Commitment to Practice: Share your favorite yoga pose. We’d love to hear what you love about it too!
Day 2 – Commitment to Mind: Post a meditative yoga pose.
Day 3 – Commitment to Growth: Let’s hear about a yoga pose that is difficult for you but you want to progress in.
Day 4 – Commitment to Body: What is a yoga pose you have never done before?
Day 5 – Commitment to Strength: What yoga pose makes you feel powerful?
Day 6 – Commitment to Soul: Share any yoga pose you need in your practice today.
Day 7 – Commitment to Self: Conclude the challenge with a yoga pose that celebrates your unique strengths and weaknesses. I’m eager to see the variety!

Simple Rules to Enter | Make the Commitment

  • Follow all hosts and @athleta
  • Post your daily picture or video with the hashtag #iamcommitted #athletaGR #teamfever
  • Follow all hosts on Instagram: @yogafevergr @brittanydeeyogi @claireamin @yogaerina @gbrockmanyoga @yogerina @katmak_yoga
  • Repost the challenge flyer, which will be found both in the studio and on our own Instagram page (@yogafevergr).
  • For 7 Days, team Yoga Fever is making a commitment to focus and celebrate our: yoga practice, mind, body, soul, growth, strength, and self.

Winner will be chosen at random and receives:
$50 Gift Card to Athleta
Reusable shopping bag from Athleta
Yoga Fever Muscle Tank