Coming Soon: Special Class with Girish

Going Deeper with Live Music

I’m a huge believer in the power of music paired with yoga practice – that’s why we play vibrational, yogic inspired music during all of our classes. But today I want to talk about something even more exciting: live music and yoga! 

I’ll highlight four (of many) reasons why merging live music with a yoga class creates such an enlightening experience.

Sets the tone of the practice– Think about the different styles of music you throw on with each kind of workout. Weightlifters might choose rock or rap, something with a strong beat to motivate them to lift rep after rep. Runners may select an uplifting pop song they can sing along to in their head to keep them from becoming bored on a long-distance route. Music plays a significant role in setting our mood. So, a sensitive live musician creates the perfect atmosphere for a yoga class to help us open our heart.

Allows for modifications– When I have a live musician following my guidance, I have the freedom to modify the class whenever I desire. For instance, I might decide to pause a flow to spend extra time teaching my students the proper form of a chaturanga. The musician, following my lead, will likely play softer to accommodate this valuable teaching moment, before picking the volume up to signal the students’ successful achievement. I love how student learning is magnified when my message is clearly expressed.

Pulls you deeper into your practice– I’m sure you’ve all experienced the difference between a live concert and a recorded song. Think back to the best concert or performance you’ve ever been to. Did you get goosebumps when the musician hit a high note? Did you close your eyes and breathe in the beauty of the moment? When it comes to yoga, listening to a live musician increases our sensitivity to our own gifts and strengths. We’re able to move deeper into the poses and reflect more clearly on our intentions. 

Supports musical artists– The more often we’re able to bring live musicians into our yoga studios, the more opportunities there are for local and global musicians to demonstrate their amazing craft. Why not support these hard-working and creative artists by bringing yoga and music together?

Well… I’m about to practice what I preach!  I’m thrilled to announce a special class coming to Yoga Fever this November. The famous yogi and musician, Girish, is coming to Grand Rapids to join us for a one-of-a-kind yoga session.

For as long as he can remember, Girish has been creating rhythm to accompany his life. While playing with jazz bands in college, he recalls: “During improvisational sessions there were these unexplainable moments of synchronicity and intuition that felt like magic.” 

This realization led him down an unexpected road to live as a monk for five years. There he studied Sanskrit, which led him to start combining music with Sanskrit chants. Now he revels in sharing what he has learned to help people of all ages, backgrounds, and traditions transform their bodies, brains, and lives through mantra and music.

Through the combination of yoga practice and beautiful live music, this 90-minute (not heated) vinyasa class is sure to leave you uplifted and renewed. Sign up today for the November 19th class – it is almost SOLD OUT.


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