What Are The Benefits Of Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates?

Have you ever wondered, what’s with the heat in hot yoga and hot pilates?

Being a hot yoga and hot Pilates studio in Grand Rapids, we have had several people comment about the heat or ask questions regarding it. “I feel so good after a hot class and I don’t know why!” No worries, we have the skinny as to why. “What are the benefits of adding heat to yoga and Pilates?” Well, how much time do you have?

At Yoga Fever, we keep our heat at 99 degrees for hot yoga and hot Pilates classes in the winter and 90 degrees in the summer. Our warm classes range from 80 – 85 degrees and are residual heat from the classes prior. The added temperature helps keep the muscles, the core, spine, and joints warm. This helps the body build internal heat naturally and quickly while also cooling down quickly and easily which helps relieve the body of added stress. Our humidity is set to 40 – 45% (this, of course, goes up with more bodies in the room) which encourages healthy perspiration. Our energy recovery ventilation system helps circulate fresh oxygen into the space to keep air flow current and active.  No stinky studio here!! All hot studios have a preferred method on heat. This is what works best for us at YF.

Heat allows you to go deeper into the practice

Heat allows you to go deeper and safely into postures. Along with the proper warm-up, the muscles heat up rather quickly in a heated space. When the muscles heat up, they release the grip they have on the bone and begin to soften and lengthen with the proper guidance.

Heat increases cardio

Heat increases the heart rate which increases your caloric burn and your metabolism ( the balance and harmonious breakdown and rejuvenation of cells). Practicing yoga in a heated space asks the body to turn up the volume. Essentially, it makes the work out more intense and the bodywork harder.

Heat relaxes the mind

Heat relaxes the mind and creates a relaxed state. In Grand Rapids, we know how it feels to be cold. The body contracts and tightens up in the cold winter weather. Seeking out heated spaces creates a sense of peace for the body and mind.

Heat creates sweat

Heat creates sweat. Sweating promotes overall health by detoxifying the largest organ of the body, your skin. Healthy sweating increases your desire to drink more water which helps to flush the system.

Heat is very therapeutic

Heat therapy has been used for decades to help combat pain and discomfort with minimal side effects. It helps heal the body from a long list of ailments including arthritis, low back pain, muscle strains, stiff joints and more. It works by increasing circulation in the involved area. Blood vessels dilate when subjected to heat, in turn promoting more blood flow. Because blood flow is increased,  toxins are pulled out of injured tissues more effectively.

Yoga Fever promotes safe and proper alignment.  We combine the old school traditions of yoga with contemporary hot vinyasa and hot Pilates classes. Our hot yoga and hot Pilates are safe for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. The teachers on TeamFever are some of the best Grand Rapids has to offer. They are extensively trained in the 8 limbed philosophy of yoga, alignment, and the body as a whole. We pride ourselves on staying true to the practice and trusting the process. Grab a friend and join the hottest place in town. You’ll be glad you did.~