Shannon Austin, ERYT, YACEP

 Courtesy of Megan Lendman Photography

Courtesy of Megan Lendman Photography

Shannon  first stepped on the mat in 2004 but believed there were signs much earlier on that she was meant to find the path of yoga. She had a bit of a rubber band effect with the practice for a few years until she realized that the physical asana was just a lovely vehicle to learn more about ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Her true practice began when she found the teachers that inspired her to learn the wisdom and the roots of the practice. Her teaching style is influenced by Master Teachers Devarshi, Gary Kraftsow, Tias Little, Judith Lasatar,  Rod Stryker, Stephen Cope,  Don Stapleton and Jason Crandall. She received her training from years of self study, intensives, and personal and professional practice. She received her certification through Prairie Yoga based in Chicago, IL and is forever grateful for the knowledge, lineage, and curriculum that Prairie has to offer. 

Shannon is the owner and founder of Yoga Fever. Her dream was to bring a mindful, heart-centered, alignment based vinyasa practice to the  contemporary hot space.

Credentials :

  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, 200 hr
  • YACEP - Continuing education teacher
  • Advanced Anatomy of the Chakras Intensive Training
  • Specializes in Power Yoga Vinyasa utilizing alignment 

Dean Jeffery, ERYT

Dean has been practicing yoga since early 2005, and received his RYT 200 in Ashtanga based vinyasa in 2012.  Dean teaches a variety of styles, including vinyasa, slow flow, yin, pranayama, and meditation. His classes are known for their creative, challenging sequences combining fluid movements with an acute attention to engagement and alignment. 

His personal mission is create a welcoming space that feels casual, and compassionate. He injects a playful energy into every class he leads and strives to create a place where students can find happiness through movement and music. Helping others to explore the process of self-transformation, and to lead healthier, happier, more honest lives is what he lives for. 


  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance ERYT 200hr
  • Advanced Yoga Anatomy
  • Specializes in Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, Pranayama

Brittany San Agustin, RYT

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Brittany started her yoga journey with her mother in 2010 as teammates pursuing a healthier lifestyle.  As a gymnast, the joy of movement and health has always been an important part of Brittany’s daily life. She studied biomedical science throughout college striving for a future to heal through western medicine. Since she became certified to teach, her passion for yoga and holistic health and wellness have grown deep. After teaching nearly 300 classes in her first year alone, she witnessed the beauty and power of yoga to heal on both physical and emotional levels. 

Music and creative movement play a vital role in her classes; believing in balance, her classes are just as much yin as yang. They are known for being creative, playful and athletic but also relaxing and grounding! Brittany is an advocate for empowerment and self-love and channels these themes in her teaching. 


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance 200 hr RYT
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Thai Massage Certified
  • Buti Yoga Certified
  • Specializes in Massage Yoga,  mindful transitions, and creative sequencing

Brandie Patterson, RYT


Brandie’s love of yoga started as a form of warming up on her High School Volleyball team and
continued with her into college club sports and as a way to de-stress from classes and the new
found pressures of living on her own. When the pressures of corporate life pulled Brandie away
from her yoga practice, it didn’t take long for stress and unease to make Brandie realize she
needed to get back on her mat. 

Since then Brandie has completed her 200hr RYT, training in Aromatherapy Layer for Yoga with Erin-Elizabeth Labadie and Yoga Nidra with Mia Park. She is also beginning her Yoga for Athletes training with
Sage Rountree this fall, and cannot wait to start incorporating Sage’s amazing knowledge into
her own style of teaching at Yoga Fever.


  • Art of Assisting - Baptiste Yoga
  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance 200hr
  • Mia Park Yoga Nidra certified
  • Specializes in Power Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra

Gretchen Brockman, RYT


 Gretchen's background is Ashtanga and Hatha Vinyasa, with special interest in Meditation and Yin Yoga. She believes everyone can benefit from a yoga practice and pausing to connect to breath. The connection to breath locates us in the present moment and connects us to our life force.
As an artist, yoga guide and student,  G is here to create beauty and lead others to recognize the beauty in their lives. Working as an artist, she pursues color, light and form in mixed media on canvas. Her art background informs her  yoga teaching and invites students to be creative and inspired in their practice. Sharing the physical practice of yoga is an invitation to all to see themselves through a lens of acceptance
and appreciation of their unique qualities.


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, 200 hr
  • Specializes in Yin Yoga
  • Specializes in community building

Caroline Packard, RYT

Caroline fell in love with yoga about a decade ago while living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  A life long runner and workout junkie, yoga provided strenuous physical exercise but it was the mental practice, focusing on the breath and staying present on the mat that kept her returning.  She received her instructor training from Amazing Yoga (Power Vinyasa Yoga) in Pittsburgh, PA with the goal of spreading her passion for yoga and its teachings to others.  She is a wife and mother to two young girls and also works as a Physical Therapist and exercise instructor.


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, YA
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science (cum laude)
  • Certified Suspension Trainer

Mary Lynne Ochsner, RYT

Zen Grass Photo.jpg

Mary is passionate about sharing her love for yoga with others.  Her teaching approach is to make this practice accessible for every student, whether they are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.  

She graduated from the 200-hour yoga teacher training with Mimi Ray and devotes her time and energy to create helpful ways to make yoga accessible for every body. She has had the opportunity to teach corporate yoga classes, private parties, one-on-one private lessons and classes open to the community. 

Through her vinyasa style teaching, she likes to challenge her students physically and open their minds to a deeper level of self love, awareness, and body confidence.  Her goal is that every student leaves class with a sense of accomplishment and success. 


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, 200 hr
  • Specializes in Power Vinyasa & creative class planning

Kevin Leep, ERYT

Kevin completed his 200 hr yoga Teacher training immersion in Bali, Indonesia at Sadhana Yoga School. The immersion was a wonderful month-long opportunity to develop a daily meditation practice, dive deep into various aspects of teaching yoga, learn from a diverse group of people with different cultures and perspectives, and experience vegetarian cuisine. Shortly after returning home, he moved to Oak Park, IL where he compiled a busy teaching schedule at 5 different studios. He was able to create a unique rhythm to each week with a wide variety of yoga styles to meet the needs of each group of students. He was also able to experience a 10 day Vipassana mediation sit, assist in teacher trainings, create partnerships for future yoga retreats, lead various focused workshops, and continue to learn from various teachers and studios in the Chicago area. 
Having recently moved back to West MI with his wife and two dogs, he looks forward to sharing his unique style with the yoga community. He aims to create a safe and welcoming environment to observe the present, gain mastery over the breath, and explore the controlled movement and alignment of the body. His class will allow students a chance to escape the stresses of their lives to find peace and clarity.


  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, ERYT200
  • B.A. Exercise Science Western Michigan
  • Reiki 1
  • Special interest in private yoga sessions and yoga retreats

Lauren Rockwell, RYT


Lauren received her 200-hour teaching certificate summer of 2014 at East Lansing Hot Yoga and Aerial Ascension certificate Fall ’14; and through it re-learned the things we know naturally as children: how to learn, love, breathe, and play. 

She started practicing yoga in 2011, but didn’t fall in love with it or even like it for two years. The uncomfortable poses and heat brought a lot of uncomfortable things out of her. The best thing she ever did for herself was breathe through the uncomfortable poses learning to accept pain and passion with compassion. Discovering that everything she sought physically, mentally, and spiritually was waiting for her right on the other side of the uncomfortable poses. 


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance 200 hr
  • Specializes in Vinyasa Yoga

Brie Crandall, RYT


Brie's journey began several years ago when she discovered a passion for vinyasa yoga and meditation. It wasn't until she committed to a consistent personal yoga and meditation practice, that life began to really change.  She experienced nearly immediate physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, and longed to help others discover these benefits for themselves. She decided to teach yoga to inspire students to find their innate power and strength, mindful presence and physical awareness. She focuses her classes on mindfulness, physical alignment, and ways to take your yoga practice off of the mat and into everyday life. Brie creates a non-judgmental space for students to be who they are and do what they can, welcoming all levels and abilities. When she is not teaching yoga, Brie enjoys being outdoors, painting, crafting, and traveling as often as possible. 


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance 200hr
  • Specializes in alignment-based Vinyasa yoga
  • Specializes in meditation & workshops

Regina Lopez-Maher, RYT


“Life is about balance, and yoga has been a way for me to bring balance back into life when my pendulum has swung to one extreme or the other.”  Regina teaches a vinyasa flow that creates a space that encourage curiosity and exploration for yogis to link their breath and the movement of their body; to reconnect, become aware, make space for whatever lies within and be present for the entire experience. “Get on your mat, breath, flow, get messy, fall apart, and begin again,” because it’s a practice of progress, and not perfection.


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, YA 200hr
  • Level One Baptiste Power Flow
  • Bachelor in Liberal Studies Degree