TeamFever photo courtesy: Wandering Soul Collective

TeamFever photo courtesy: Wandering Soul Collective

Shannon Austin, ERYT, YACEP

Courtesy of Wandering Soul Collective

Courtesy of Wandering Soul Collective

Shannon  first stepped on the mat in 2004 but believed there were signs much earlier on that she was meant to find the path of yoga. She had a bit of a rubber band effect with the practice for a few years until she realized that the physical yoga asana was just a lovely vehicle to learn more about ourselves and the world around us.

Her true practice began when she found the teachers that inspired her to learn the wisdom of the practice that is derived from the inside out. Her teaching style is influenced by Master Teachers Devarshi, Gary Kraftsow, Tias Little, Judith Lasatar,  Rod Stryker and Jason Crandall. Her training is ongoing with years of self study, intensives, and personal and professional practice. Her classes embody mindfulness over momentum.

Shannon is the owner, founder and operator of Yoga Fever; a modern school of yoga that encompasses the traditions and roots of the authentic practice. Her dream was to bring a community driven, alignment based vinyasa practice to the  contemporary hot space.


  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, 200 hr

  • YACEP - Continuing education teacher

  • Yoga Teacher Trainer with Yoga Alliance

  • Specializes in Power Yoga Vinyasa utilizing alignment

Dean Jeffery, ERYT

courtesy of Wandering Soul Collective

courtesy of Wandering Soul Collective

Dean has been practicing yoga since early 2005, and received his RYT 200 in Ashtanga based Vinyasa in 2012.  Dean teaches a variety of styles, including Vinyasa, slow flow, yin, pranayama, and meditation. His classes are known for their creative, challenging sequences combining fluid movements with an acute attention to engagement and alignment. 

His personal mission is create a welcoming space that feels casual, and compassionate. He injects a playful energy into every class he leads and strives to create a place where students can find happiness through movement and music. Helping others to explore the process of self-transformation, and to lead healthier, happier, more honest lives is what he lives for. 


  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance ERYT 200hr

  • Advanced Yoga Anatomy

  • Specializes in Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, Pranayama

  • Lululemon Ambassador

  • Community builder and all around awesome guy

Brittany San Agustin, RYT

courtesy of Wandering Soul Collective

courtesy of Wandering Soul Collective

Brittany started her yoga journey with her mother in 2010 as teammates pursuing a healthier lifestyle.  As a gymnast, the joy of movement and health has always been an important part of Brittany’s daily life. She studied biomedical science throughout college striving for a future to heal through western medicine. Since she became certified to teach, her passion for yoga and holistic health and wellness have grown deep. After teaching nearly 300 classes in her first year alone, she witnessed the beauty and power of yoga to heal on both physical and emotional levels. 

Music and creative movement play a vital role in her classes; believing in balance, her classes are just as much yin as yang. They are known for being creative, playful and athletic but also relaxing and grounding! Brittany is an advocate for empowerment and self-love and channels these themes in her teaching. 


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance 200 hr RYT

  • Studio Director at Yoga Fever

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Thai Massage Certified

  • BUTI Yoga Certified

  • Hot Core Certified

  • BUTI Deep Certified

  • Acro Yoga Certified

  • Specializes in Acro, BUTI, & Power Vinyasa

Kim McDonough

Hot Pilates in Grand Rapids

Kim started her journey in the fitness industry as a young 16 yr old when she “fell in love” with moving her body daily. It helped clear her mind, calm emotions and stay healthy. “It’s been an amazing fitness journey! I have been blessed to work with so many people from different back grounds and abilities.” Kim went on to obtain a degree in Dietetics and has taught every group fitness style short of cycling and water aerobics.

Kim was introduced to Pilates and Yoga during her recovery from her 1st rotator cuff repair. “It helped me connect with my body and really understand the power we have to heal ourselves.” She has recently retired from owning her own Pilates studio in the Grand Rapids area but continues to connect with clients on the mat.


  • Basic, Advanced and Spinal Rehab certified thru IM=X Pilates

  • Pink Ribbon Program Certified (Post mastectomy rehab)

  • Prior Pilates Studio Owner

  • Level 1 Yoga certified

  • Specializes in helping people move their bodies more efficiently

Jessica Roodvoets, RYT

courtesy of Brittany SanAgustin

courtesy of Brittany SanAgustin

Jessica is a yoga and tantra teacher who specializes in feminine spirituality, sexuality, and embodiment. Her teachings are inspired by her travels, yoga philosophy, and her continued studies in Tantra, sacred dance, and feminine lineages of yoga.

Inspired by her studies of mystical femininity, Jessica's teachings are deep, poetic, provocative, and soulful. She believes yoga is anything that enables us to feel like an empowered conduit of the divine. Expect to be led into a deep, soulful, and sensual connection with your body, heart, and mind.


  • 500-hour certification in Advanced Studies in Traditional Hatha Yoga with Senior Prajna Yoga and Insight Yoga Teacher, Theresa Murphy

  • 500-hour Professional Yoga Therapist Certification through Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

  • 300-hours in the study of Indian Aesthetics and Odissi Classical Indian Dance at Shakti School of Dance in Rajasthan, India

  • Specializes in Yin Yoga, Mindful Vinyasa, and Feminine Embodiment

Gretchen Brockman, RYT

courtesy of Wandering Soul Collective

courtesy of Wandering Soul Collective

 Gretchen's background is Ashtanga and Hatha Vinyasa, with special interest in Meditation and Yin Yoga. She believes everyone can benefit from a yoga practice and pausing to connect to breath. The connection to breath locates us in the present moment and connects us to our life force.
As an artist, yoga guide and student,  G is here to create beauty and lead others to recognize the beauty in their lives. Working as an artist, she pursues color, light and form in mixed media on canvas. Her art background informs her  yoga teaching and invites students to be creative and inspired in their practice. Sharing the physical practice of yoga is an invitation to all to see themselves through a lens of acceptance and appreciation of their unique qualities.


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, 200 hr

  • Specializes in Yin Yoga

  • Specializes in community building

Mary Lynne Ochsner, RYT

courtesy of Brittany SanAgustin

courtesy of Brittany SanAgustin

Mary is passionate about sharing her love for yoga with others.  Her teaching approach is to make this practice accessible for every student, whether they are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.  

She graduated from the 200-hour yoga teacher training with Mimi Ray and devotes her time and energy to create helpful ways to make yoga accessible for every body. She has had the opportunity to teach corporate yoga classes, private parties, one-on-one private lessons and classes open to the community. 

Through her Vinyasa style teaching, she likes to challenge her students physically and open their minds to a deeper level of self love, awareness, and body confidence.  Her goal is that every student leaves class with a sense of accomplishment and success. 


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, 200 hr

  • Specializes in Power Vinyasa & creative class planning

  • Specializes in online yoga tutorials & alignment based practice

  • Social media influencer

Katie Richter-Blair, RYT

courtesy of Shannon Austin

courtesy of Shannon Austin

Katie first discovered yoga at the age of 19, but it wasn’t until serving in the military that she became truly dedicated to her practice. Yoga became the tool that helped her combat the pressures, demands, and stresses of serving on active duty in the US Army. After completing her military service, Katie proceeded to receive a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from Grand Valley State University in December of 2014, as well as a degree in Land and Energy Management from Everglades University in 2016.

Through the years, yoga continued to be her greatest passion, and decided to pursue a deeper connection by getting certified to teach. She received her yoga certification through her home studio, Yoga Fever. As a Veteran, Katie is extremely passionate about working closely with Service Members, Veterans, and their families to facilitate and promote the healing properties of yoga by focusing on breath to movement practices through the concept of “going to war on your mat” utilizing high powered Vinyasa classes. The classes she teaches integrate dynamic, fluid sequencing of Vinyasa, meditation through mindful movement, and connection to the present moment through pranayama. Katie’s goal as an instructor is to cultivate a space where all students feel safe, connected, and have fun in the process!


  • Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Warriors at Ease Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner

  • Specializes in Power Vinyasa, Yoga for Military communities, and using breath and movement as a form of holistic healing

Regina Lopez-Maher, RYT

courtesy of Wandering Soul Collective

courtesy of Wandering Soul Collective

“Life is about balance, and yoga has been a way for me to bring balance back into life when my pendulum has swung to one extreme or the other.”  Regina teaches a vinyasa flow that creates a space that encourage curiosity and exploration for yogis to link their breath and the movement of their body; to reconnect, become aware, make space for whatever lies within and be present for the entire experience. “Get on your mat, breath, flow, get messy, fall apart, and begin again,” because it’s a practice of progress, and not perfection.


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, YA 200hr

  • Level One Baptiste Power Flow

  • Bachelor in Liberal Studies Degree

  • Specializes in heart-centered, soulful practice & movement

Natalie Parsons, RYT

courtesy of Shannon Austin

courtesy of Shannon Austin

Natalie’s love for yoga started about 4 years ago when she went to her first class trying to find some kind of physical activity that she actually enjoyed. From then on it has gone from what she thought would be just another form of fitness to something that has given he an astounding amount of acceptance and appreciation for her body and what it is capable of. She recently graduated from Yoga Fever Teacher Training and is passionate about teaching yoga to her friends, family, and community. She hopes to highlight all of the doors a yoga practice can open not only for the body but for the mind.


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance 200 hr

  • Specializes in heartfelt Vinyasa flow & community building

Elaina Mackey, ERYT

courtesy of Brittany SanAgustin

courtesy of Brittany SanAgustin

In 2013 Elaina took her first yoga class. It wasn’t long before she realized the amount of mental and physical tension she had. Day by day she would show up to practice and leave feeling lighter than when she first walked through the door. From day one she was hooked on the practice and trusted it would bring her exactly where she was supposed to be. Elaina started her teaching career at 19 years old and hasn’t looked back. She has always had a strong pull to help others and the gifts of yoga was simply another avenue to help heal. She continued to study and experience the practice of yoga as she underwent an incredible transformation. She spent many years studying & teaching under her teacher, Jonny Kest. Showing up on her mat daily, she became an alchemist and began healing years worth of pain and tension she would have ignored if it wasn't for yoga.


  • ERYT 500 HR

  • 3x 200 HR Certified

  • 200 HR YTT Facilitator at Center for Yoga

  • Past Wanderlust Festival Ambassador

  • Specializes in dynamic, dance like Vinyasa & Ashtanga Yoga

Tori Feliciano, RYT

yoga fever instructor

Tori first started diving into Yoga in 2012 when her best friend bought her a mat. Knowing that her spirituality and self awareness was starting to blossom, she kept yoga going at home and with friends. Finally dipping her toes into Hot Yoga in 2013- she absolutely fell in love with the feeling of rebirth that hot yoga offered.
After her family started to grow, she took a small hiatus. Returning with an instant ignite her yoga fire. Tori discovered Yoga Fever in 2018 and instantly felt at home, taking our Teacher Training a year after joining the studio. The incredible opportunity she trust will continue her growth, as well as help her children learn an amazing and important life style.

Tori firmly believes in yoga sutra "the time for yoga is now” incorporating the yogic philosophy into her every day life. Engaging in purposeful practice, with soul, raw emotion and never forgetting the playfulness. "Practice makes progress"


  • 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance

  • Specializes in soulful practice on and off the ma

Amanda Rushlow, RYT

courtesy of Shannon Austin

courtesy of Shannon Austin

Amanda began her yoga journey in a high school yoga class. Her passion for yoga progressed over the years, as it transformed into a moving meditation connecting mind-body-spirit. She loves how her connection with yoga acts as a spiritual practice to discover her true self and passions. Through self-study, Amanda is finding more playfulness in her approach to life.

As a middle school science teacher, she incorporates mindfulness into the classroom. She is unearthing her passion of helping children find calm and mindfulness through practicing yoga and meditation. She feels most at peace when practicing yoga outside, connected to the elements of the natural world.

As a recent Yoga Fever, Yoga Teacher Training graduate, Amanda enjoys teaching yoga to her family, friends, and community. She incorporates a calm, yet infectious positive energy that has you feeling revived as you leave her class. By aligning and connecting with higher vibrational frequencies, Amanda shares her light and love for all. Her intention is to facilitate others in discovering that they are already worthy of love as they are.


  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, 200 hour

  • Specializes in mindful Vinyasa, connecting mind-body-spirit through breath and movement

Mere Koert, RYT

courtesy of Brittany SanAgustin

courtesy of Brittany SanAgustin

“I’m not going to look for happiness anymore. From now on, I’m independent; I see life through my eyes and not through other people’s. I’m going in search of adventure of being alive… don’t ask yourself what the world needs, but instead ask yourself, ‘what sets your soul on fire? What makes you come alive?’ and then go do that, because that’s what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” Don’t exist in your life, LIVE your life.

Mere is a fiery force of nature; this unique soul has always known that she wanted to teach yoga. Since she was a child, yoga has always been a part of her life. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that she truly realized how much yoga impacted her. She will tell you, “yoga saved my life, so I have dedicated myself back to it.” She loves all styles and aspects of yoga.

Mere is also passionate in all areas of health and nutrition. She is all about healing the body, mind, and soul. She’s also a bit of an astrology nerd and tries to incorporate all of this into her yogi lifestyle.


  • Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Fever Teacher Training, 200hr RYT

  • Hammock| Aerial Training

  • Specializes in energy, body, mind & soulful connections

  • Connecting daily life to the impact of the influence of the universe

Kara Madden, RYT

courtesy of Brittany SanAgustin

courtesy of Brittany SanAgustin

Kara discovered the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of yoga in 2005 and has been hooked ever since. For many years Kara practiced both yoga and Pilates as a supplement to her professional dance career in order to help maintain balanced physical strength and develop mental focus. Kara's professional dance career has taken her to many places, including Shanghai, China, where she discovered her love for acro-yoga.

While she was pursuing her M.F.A. in Dance, Kara traveled to Rishikesh, India to study Vinyasa Yoga at Vinyasa Yoga School, where she received her 200-hour teaching certification. Her favorite part of the program was diving deep into yogic philosophy and learning more about the spiritual practice of yoga. Prior to that, Kara also began studying Fletcher-style Pilates with the Master Teachers at Body Works Pilates, the international headquarters for Fletcher Pilates. Kara has found that Pilates and yoga work hand-in-hand to strengthen and lengthen the body, and this year, Kara became a certified Fletcher Mat Pilates instructor. Kara is committed to uniting people through yoga, Pilates and the arts, and is thrilled to be back in Michigan, reconnecting with the community that first fostered her love of movement.

  • Yoga Alliance 200hr RYT

  • Fletcher Pilates Certified

  • Ballet and Dance Instructor M.F.A

  • Specializes in dance, Acro-yoga, Pilates and the arts, and Power Vinyasa sequencing