Get on your bikes and RIDE

You’ve heard the news: starting in January 2020, Yoga Fever will be offering THREE studios complete with hot yoga, barre, yoga (not heated), High-Intensity Interval Training, Sculpt, Meditation, and indoor cycling.

I’m BEYOND stoked to integrate each of these courses under one roof, offering the variety you need to train and strengthen your mind, body, and SOUL.

What is indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling is a form of exercise using a stationary bike that focuses on endurance, strength, interval training, and recovery.

Known as an exhilarating, dynamic, and challenging form of exercise, cycling is also quite accommodating for those with joint issues, making it a cardio workout with less pressure on your knees and feet.

Additionally, it works all the major muscle groups, including your core, upper body, back, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and lower legs.

What are the benefits of cycling?

Cycling is a tremendous way to burn calories; on average, students burn 400 – 800 calories per class. It also boosts heart health and lung capacity. However, I recommend attending 3-6 classes per week to gain the full benefits available to you.

Perhaps the greatest benefit, like most group classes, is the great sense of community.

What will Yoga Fever’s cycling classes look like?

There are 2 different types of indoor cycle rides. We will be combining these two styles to make it a one of a kind experience.

The first ride is a BEATS/RHYTHM Ride— picture it, the lights are off, the only light you see is the kick-ass orange and yellow LED’S simulating a disco up above you, in front of you and behind you. The music is bumpin’ but only so loud as you prefer as you will be wearing off the charts, DROP SOUND (glow in the dark) headphones to control your perfect experience and volume. Your instructor is lifted up on a platform at the front of the room motivating you to be your BEST AUTHENTIC SELF on and off the bike. It’s here that you start to break an intense sweat. Your body is pedaling to every beat in the instructor’s playlist and you are OFFICIALLY ONE with the experience.

YEAH. Let’s do THAT.

The second ride is a METRIC RIDE – This is where you challenge yourself along with your fellow riders to climb intense hills, hit high speeds, and track your RPM, heart rate, calories scorchin’ and MORE. Lights off, music UP and the race begins. This is where the sweat starts to bead on your chest, your upper lip and even the back of your neck. You’re in it to win it and you can’t be stopped. Ahead of you is a huge TV screen with your name on it, tracking your every pedal, every heartbeat, every movement. It’s here you go beyond your limits to beat Susie Q and Joe Blow on the bikes next to you and have a healthy competition between friends and community members. The instructor is getting louder as you are peaking to the finish, encouraging you to take it ALL THE WAY. And low and behold, you DO.

YEAH. Let’s do THAT.

So how do we combine these two AMAZING STYLES OF INDOOR CYCLING?? You’ll have to join us on the bikes early 2020 to find out.

Oh and PS: No experience is necessary for these 45-minute classes, but all students should bring a pair of INDOOR tennis shoes or clip-in shoes specific to cycling. We totally want you there on time as we need to get you familiar with adjusting the bike, your headphones, and your space. So we apologize but no late entry on this one.