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Hot Yoga and Diabetes – What You Should Know

Can I do hot yoga if I have diabetes? Yes, you can absolutely do hot yoga if you have diabetes. However, being mindful of your blood sugar level and hydration is key. Checking your blood sugar before and after class is a good rule of thumb to measure where your levels are with the incorporation […]

Why Men Should Do Yoga

Yoga is not just a sport for women Fact: Yoga was originally designed for men. Yes, it’s true. Ashtanga was designed for 14-year-old boys many many moons ago. Women were not even allowed to practice yoga back in the day. Of course, times have changed. When yoga moved to the west it became female-dominated with […]

Yoga for Weight Loss?

Yoga for Weight Loss: Does it Work? Let’s break it down. Yoga is a form of physical and mental exercise. Increasing your physical and mental exercise will benefit you on several levels. If the goal is weight loss, then picking a yoga style that is challenging, powerful, and gets your heart rate up is the […]

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga 101 So you’ve taken a Vinyasa Class and may have even heard your favorite teacher call out “take your Vinyasa”. This can be confusing. The term Vinyasa actually has a few different meanings that are used quite frequently and are not mutually exclusive. The word Vinyasa can be translated into arranging something in […]