Grand Rapids Hot Yoga Studio

It's a Mind, Body, Spirit Thing.

Yoga Fever combines the ancient science of yoga with contemporary warm and hot vinyasa yoga classes.  Our Grand Rapids yoga classes deliver exceptional results and continual advancement in a supported environment. With the benefits of hot yoga classes,  you will transform your life by building physical and mental strength,  flexibility and endurance.

Our team utilizes the power of alignment and muscular engagement in posture. We do more than just focus on flow and movement. Our experienced instructors teach you how to engage the entire body to build strength and flexibility much quicker than other styles of momentum based hot vinyasa.

Our meditation and breathing techniques will help you develop the skills necessary to tackle any challenge that life throws your way. Learn to lead a fulfilling and whole life through the practice of hot yoga. 

If you are new to Yoga Fever, please take advantage of our Intro Offer (available on your first visit only): 30 days of unlimited classes for $39. 

New to yoga? Your journey begins here  -  What to Expect at Your First Yoga Class. Go ahead and sign up.  You'll be so glad you did.

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